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Niels, Bas and Kai met at a young age. Being music lovers and have a shared passion for party and festivals, they are the perfect combination.

Niels was just 14 when he started producing for fun. After years of producing, and Bas dropping by more often, they decided to join forces.
And so Autique was born!

Their story began to take serious forms after they met Bas Kunnen at dancefair. He did want to release their tracks on his label X-Ceptional Music.
After our first release on his label followed many gigs, playing alongside PEP & RASH, Bougenvilla, GIRLSLOVEDJ’S(To name a few), and even more releases and official remixes.

2016 was the year they decided to take a little break, and while being under the wings and alot on the road alot with their mentor
‘Man With No Shadow’ they took their music to a whole new level.

2017 is starting great for these young music makers, while adding a new member, Kai Beelen (Master of Ceremony) to their team, to power up their live-acts,
and with a great release on Robin ‘Jaydee’ Albers’s label ‘Streamin’ Music’, they are excited what the rest of 2017 will bring.
With a lot of unreleased new tracks to be released throughout the year, and more gigs to come, they are more than ready to dominate the future.


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